About Murvi


Murvi was created in 1960. The plant was established on a 13.000 m² lot on Campichuelo 5361 in the Avellaneda city. The first applied technology was stamped glass production using floor ovens. The extraction was manual as well as the gluing on paper.

During the 70´s stamped glass is replaced by laminated glass through the employment of a machine entirely developed by our company. This new technology results in an increase of production and a substantial improvement in the quality of the tablets giving way to a product with better finishing. The colour palette was also expanded from 20 to 30 available colours.

In the year 1994 the most important technological invention was created: The first high ovens where built with an automatic charge of materials and an automatic draining system. A new lamination line was crated to improve the aesthetic of the glass tablets. All the technology employed to-date is of our own engineering, for mosaic is an ancient product and with few factories in the world there is not available technology in the market.

During 2005, we again expanded the plant, increasing the capacity of production by 50%. One of the most important qualities of our business is our entrepreneurial spirit, for we have never surrendered to internal nor external difficulties. We have always looked forward to the future, achieving, based on battling and investment, to become one of the most technical factories of venetian mosaic which allowed us to open new markets in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Central America. Regardless our country’s difficulties, we continue to invest on new technologies and developing new products.

In 2010 we continue to provide infinite solutions to the projects of all those who want to express themselves creativity and to turn their spaces into unique and exclusive places, having color as a main character. Over the last years we have been incorporating new technological tools so our clients can enjoy the potential that this millennial product offers and experiment with a new way of decorating with our design team. We keep improving our processes, elaborating a mosaic with its very own characteristics, texture and internationally renowned quality. We have a wide range of colors that remain unaltered over time and that preserve the essence of glass mosaic as a creative covering par excellence.

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